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15 years ago…

I had a vision to create a traditional karate web site that was free of hype, full of practical information and pleasing to the eye. A few months later KarateTips was born. What started out as an underground karate web site shared amongst a few friends rapidly gained a cult following and the membership base ballooned to over 20,000 subscribers world wide.

The KarateTips Newsletter emerged shortly after and with over 80 editions published with over 40 karate articles and hundreds of karate tips. Karatetips.com became the most popular karate related site on the internet with over 1 million visitors within 3 years. Quite shocking considering its humble beginnings!

KarateTips Has Evolved…

With the introduction of social media, KarateTips has adapted to help share the information more freely to a wider audience. However the mission still remains the same.

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Jason Stanley

5th dan Shitoryu

Founder, KarateTips