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“a treasure trove of great and priceless information…”

“Your passion, knowledge and experience in karate is imprinted through this great undertaking, which in my humble opinion is a treasure trove of great and priceless information, tips and guidance in karate-do. I felt that you did a superb job organizing the contents, and even getting me in producing kumite champions by way of your seminars.”

– Prince Loeffler
Matsubayashi Ryu Karate-Do
Dojo-Cho Shugyokan Dojo
Los Angeles, CA

“so many excellent concepts and ideas that I wouldn’t know where to begin to offer praise…”

“There is no doubt that you are a very gifted writer, and a gifted person in general. You have the ability to go into great detail while not sounding too “academic”. That said, your writing is of the highest quality and always interesting. Your book contains so many excellent concepts and ideas that I wouldn’t know where to begin to offer praise.”
– Jim Doan
Western Karate Academy
(a.k.a Mr Karate Viewpoints on Facebook)

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js_45From: Jason Stanley

Tuesday 9:30 am

Dear karate student,

Are you frustrated you can’t seem to remember what to do when you fight? Are you taking too many hard hits from higher belts and young guns with something to prove?

Or perhaps you’re looking to improve your performance at karate tournament or at the dojo so you can “hold your own”?

I get it… I’ve been there too…

Way back in 1988 like many new karate-ka I wanted to:

  • hit more often

  • get hit less often

  • be faster and sharper

  • have the confidence and ability to hit and move like my sensei

  • be more competitive at karate tournament, and maybe one day be serious about it

And I knew with a lot of hard work, and a lot of hours on the floor I would eventually get there…

But getting beat up every week by the same guys is a long, painful learning experience…

You know what I’m talking about – the same guys week in week out always seem to get the better of you. The ones you get so close to beating regularly but for some reason you’ll blow it in the last few seconds, do something stupid and get hit, or BAM, out of seemingly nowhere they score on you again…

I feel your pain…

Since 1988 I’ve been a competitive fighter at local, state, and international level. In all those years I’ve trained with, trained under and fought some of the world’s best. In a nutshell:

  • I’ve fought over 80 WKF-style fights in 7 countries

  • I am a 2 time international karate sliver medalist

  • and a 3 x world champion full contact stick fighter

In all my years as a competitive martial artist, and as a coach of my own students, I discovered there is one key thing that separates an average fighter from a great fighter. There is one key ingredient which is a simple concept and can literally transform your karate kumite skills very quickly.

  • It’s not to be faster…

  • It’s not to have more experience…

  • It’s not to be a black belt…

  • It’s not to know more techniques than your opponent…

Sure all those things help, but…

The KEY to Becoming a Great Fighter is to Understand Fighting Dynamics AND to be able to Apply That Knowledge When You Fight!

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

I just told you to basically,

  • understand what to do

  • then do it when you fight

“Thanks Einstein, you really shed some light on it for me…“, I hear you mumble.

Ok, so it is a little more complicated than that, but the basic concept is to understand fighting dynamics so you can manipulate the variables to your advantage!

In other words you need to be able to decide in a split second (subconsciously) exactly what to do and then do it. You need to be able to know what your opponent is capable of, what your limitations and strengths are, and then pull all this together when you fight.

Think about it for a minute…

  • What if you understood the variables of fighting dynamics better than your opponent?

  • What if you had more answers than they had questions?

  • What if you could fight by your rules instead of your opponent’s?

  • What if you could manipulate the variables to your advantage?

Wouldn’t you agree that a better understanding of concepts, strategy and tactics would make you a better fighter?

See, fighting really isn’t an “art”.

It’s a science.

It’s all about understanding what’s going on, manipulating the variables, making your opponent make predictable responses… which you can then capitalize on.

You do A and B happens.

Your opponent does C and you react with D, E or F.

There is a whole collection of action/reaction, cause/effect, or stimulus/response sets that once you get under your belt (pun intended) your fighting ability will explode!

Think of it this way – imagine a simple experiment of dropping a ball into a bucket of water. You know that if you drop the ball into the bucket it will make splash, every time. It’s the same action and reaction, every time.

Kinda like the same thing you keep doing with the same opponent every time and then wondering why the result is the same…

But what if we change some of the variables? If we wanted different responses, we could:

  • drop the ball from a higher position

  • put less water in the bucket

  • move the bucket

  • fill the bucket with cement

  • throw the ball into the bucket

  • throw the bucket at the ball

  • take the bucket away

  • use a different ball

  • etc

What would happen in each of these circumstances? Could you make educated assumptions?

The problem is most people overlook how to manipulate the variables and keep making the same mistakes again and again. Most people get stuck REACTING to their opponent instead of DICTATING the fight.

That’s kind of like waiting until the ball drops into the bucket and then trying to move it.

To understand fighting dynamics you can use a similar approach, so long as you know what the variables are and how to manipulate them…

Let me give you a simple example. Below is a quick video that shows a defensive strategy that uses multiple techniques to counter, instead of a single counter attack.

So the stimulus is the “reverse punch” which I receive from John, but instead of simply returning fire with a single counter punch I use multiple techniques – in this case using the same hand.

At first glance you might think there isn’t much to it, and you’re right. They are all simple techniques that anyone can do, but have you considered the UNDERLYING concepts? The movement, the angle of attack, the timing, the distance, the type of opponent, your reach, your opponent’s reach and speed, the type of counter technique etc?

See most people just want to be shown a few “new techniques” and think that will help them, without understanding the underlying concepts.

Sure in the short term you might learn a couple of useful things like in the video above, but a true understanding is when you can freely think because you know the variables and you know how to manipulate them for yourself. That’s when your own personal creativity begins…

Suddenly karate kumite becomes SIMPLE when understand the concepts because you have the RIGHT information…

What other multiple counter techniques could you use? I’m sure you’re no dummy, and you can string together more than one technique. Can you think of ways to manipulate your defense? Different ways to move and/or block that would free you up for a different finish?

After years of training with some of the world’s best coaches and competitors, and competing at the highest levels I assembled all the underlying concepts, and cutting edge strategies to manipulate the variables to give anybody who learns them, a HUGE advantage when they fight.

Once you have the right knowledge you’ll be able to…

  • Anticipate your opponent’s moves far more quickly, dramatically reducing the number of times you get hit

  • Avoid feeling intimidated by a higher belt, a bigger person or your sensei

  • Move more efficiently, more quickly and directly so it’s much easier to score on your opponent and get out of the way of their techniques!

  • Remember what to do when you fight – there’ll be far less “forgetting” which combinations to use, or any brain-lockups under pressure. Instead you’ll know exactly how, what and when to attack, defend and move.

  • Say good-bye to sluggish movement and a tense body – now you’ll flow and be dynamic in your movement – making you one of the most difficult-to-fight fighters around…

I’ve assembled all this information into a 164 page document, which has become the most complete guide on the topic of karate kumite ever written. It’s an A to Z strategic and tactical guide for anyone from beginner to black belt who wants to dramatically improve their kumite skill sets.

It’s called…

Click here to order Fighting Secrets Revealed
Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in Part 1 of Fighting Secrets Revealed…
karate kumitePart 1 – Understanding Fighting Dynamics

  • The 5 Keys To Winning Any Fight – Yes, there are 5 keys and if you’re missing one or more of them your results will be mediocre at best. You need all 5 and then you need them in the right order for best results.

  • 3 Key Things That You Must Do To Guarantee You Score – as taught by the world’s foremost tactical coach, Antonio Oliva – who has coached people to gold medals from 13 countries.

  • How To Use The Line … that is the positioning and angle of attack – and why this is so critically important. Understanding and being able to apply this is critical!

  • How To Use Distance … and what distance you should be fighting at for maximum scoring opportunities and also for defensive strategies. Learn to manipulate the distance through half a dozen different strategies and methods. Awesome stuff!

  • Discover exactly what “timing” is, how to manipulate it, and why this single aspect of your fighting can be responsible for astronomical improvements in your ability.

  • What Is Meant By The “Angles of Attack” and how to use this to your advantage so you score more cleanly and avoid hitting elbows, hips and knees.

  • How To “Cross the Gap” Without Being Hit – probably the most overlooked and difficult part for most fighters. You’ll be able to do this with ease. Like taking candy from a baby. Tons of MMA fighters completely miss this point, and well… you know get knocked out!

  • How To Create Holes In Your Opponent’s Guard whenever you want. I’ll even show you how to do it without throwing a technique! =) This will make scoring a regular and simple thing for you.

  • How To Make Your Opponent Expect One Thing While You Score With Another. (I call this bamboozling your opponent. When you do this, they have no idea what’s coming next!)

  • You’ll Learn About The Number 1 Killer Of Performance and how to avoid it, so you remain sharp and focused, while your opponents desperately try to keep up. This is a gem – something I learned from Tim Stephens – 3 times all styles world karate champ.

  • Discover Where To Look when you fight so you give yourself every chance of not being hit. Should you look at the eyes, the mouth, the feet, or somewhere else? (Hint: 80% of your visual field is peripheral)

  • Learn The “Signs of Attack” – this is key to avoiding being hit for both competition and self defense. Funnily enough the signs are the same. Once you know them, you’ll be a step ahead of your opponent every time.

  • Discover How To Become A Dynamic Fighter – learn which foot to move first and when. How to distribute your weight, the single shuffle, the double shuffle, plus the forward and backward double hop. This will allow you to position yourself for maximum scoring opportunities.

  • The Junior Jump – named after World Champion, Junior Lefevre. You’ll learn how to use his secret weapon that keeps him out of range and then effortlessly crossing the gap to score in the blink of an eye. This alone is worth the price of the course.

  • How To “Break The Line” – an expansion of the traditional Japanese karate concepts of ashi-sabaki and tai-sabaki. If you already are familiar with these 2 concepts, you’ll learn how to make them more dynamic so you can upset your opponent’s direction and rhythm.

  • How To “Mask The Line” – effortlessly drift from inside to outside your opponent’s guard without them noticing; setting you up to score cleanly and easily.

  • How To “Mask The Distance” – disguise your range using these 2 simple ideas so that your opponent is right where you want them, and you’re seemingly out of range.

  • How To “Break The Timing” – this skill is essential to becoming a great fighter. You’ll learn how to hit your opponent when they least expect it by mastering this concept.

  • How To “Close The Door” – you’ll learn half a dozen ways to get out of range without being hit, after you score your technique. This is known as “closing the door”. Good fighters never leave the door open.

  • How To Develop Subconscious Technique – great fighters are masters of this concept. If you’re thinking about what your next technique is going to be, then you’re 2 steps behind. Once you possess subconscious technique it will allow you to think strategically when you fight. It will allow you to see the whole chess board rather than focusing on the next move.

Wow! And that’s just for starters!

In Parts 2 & 3 you’ll learn all about types of fighters, and how to beat any type of fighter out there…


Pkarate kumiteart 2 – Types of Fighters

  • Finally figure out exactly what kind of fighter you are best suited to be, and how any type of fighter can beat any other type of fighter. These concepts are CRITICAL to improving your kumite skill sets.

  • The 3 Basic Types of Fighters– when it boils down to it, there are 3 basic types of fighters that fall into 2 basic categories. You’ll learn what each fighter type is, which category they fit into and why, and how that will boost your understanding of fighting dynamics. Armed with this information the battlefield of confusion becomes simple.

  • Fighter Subcategories – find out all about the center controller, the jelly bean, the emotional fighter, the runner, and more. Learn which basic category and type they fit into. Learn their how to expose their weaknesses, and dis-empower their strengths. Do this successfully and you can just about guarantee you’ll be victorious.

  • How to Determine What Kind of Fighter You Are – once you know the theory, you’ll gain a huge insight to your own fighting preference. You’ll learn your own strengths and weaknesses from an analytical point of view. Then you can work on a plan to develop your skills. You’ll learn how to play your aces and avoid being bluffed.

mawashi geri
Part 3 – How to Know Your Opponent Within 30 Seconds


  • Why the first 30 Seconds of Any Fight is Most Important -this is another hugely overlooked part of competition fighting. You’ll learn what to do during this time and how to set up victory.

  • The Twelve Critical Questions You MUST Ask– this is where you’ll see fighting dynamics in action. Your mind will be opened up to the 12 critical questions that you must ask before you engage. It will allow you to analyze, dissect and formulate a strategy to apply against every opponent from now on forever.

    It’s common sense but hugely overlooked – in fact when you read it you’ll smile and then kick yourself for not thinking of it. Then next time you fight, you’ll keep those questions up your sleeve and use them to break down your opponent and watch your scoring ability explode!

    In fact by getting answers to 7 of these 12 questions you’ll be able to more or less figure out what you’re opponent is most likely thinking, without you having to throw a single technique! Awesome stuff – I love it!

  • How To Beat Any Type Of Fighter – once you have the answers to the 12 questions, you’ll know who you’re up against. In this section you’ll then learn how to manipulate the variables to beat any type of fighter.

    The problem for most people is that they don’t know who they’re fighting, so they don’t know what strategy to use – kinda like like trying to eat soup with a fork. But once you know what strategy and tools to use you’ll be set to dissect your opponents with ease.

Tim Stephens
Lift Off! 3 Times All Styles World Karate Champion Tim Stephens sent me this picture of himself in the Paris Champion of Champions performing this yoko geri…. ouch!
Part 4 – Tips and Tactics


  • Learn 11 basic tips and tactics to control the match and fight on your terms, not your opponent’s. If you could dictate the fight, do you think you could win? You’ll also discover how to intimidate and control your opponent both physically and mentally.

  • A Simple Technique As Used By 3 Times World Champion Tim Stephens to ensure that you are at your best before the match begins. Ever felt sluggish during your first fight? You can now kiss that goodbye!

  • How To Profit From The Number One Thing That Most Fighters Fail to Do… Uncover this weakness in your opponent and you’ll exploit it for maximum scoring opportunities. Plus you’ll find out how to eliminate it if you’re doing it, which will dramatically reduce the chances of you getting hit!

  • How To Confuse Your Opponent – so your opponent thinks one thing allowing you to capitalize on the mistakes that you’ll force them to make.

  • How To Hit Targets Cleanly , which dramatically increases your efficiency as a fighter. This simple concept helps preserve your energy so you don’t tire so quickly.

  • How To Become Unpredictable – and why this is so critical to being a successful fighter.

  • How to make the fight as simple and predictable for yourself and as frustrating and complicated for your opponent as possible – this is the most envied quality you’ll have once you know how to apply it.

  • How to stay relaxed, focused and in control – because if you can’t do this then nothing else matters. It won’t matter if you’re 7 feet tall and can punch holes in brick walls – if you can’t relax, focus and retain control under pressure you might as well forget about karate and take up something less stressful… like knitting?

  • Supercharge your confidence – learn how to avoid being intimidated so that you stay focused and in control! Similar to the point above but I’ll give you a little known secret that will transform the way you think about your next fight. Hint – it’s to do with how you perceive the fight.

  • How to get your technique recognized AND PAID by the referee without doing anything unethical…

  • How to make your opponent make mistakes – this is great! – master this and you’ll be chuckling at how easy it is for you to score.

Finally in Part 5 you’ll learn exactly how to use 20 successful scoring techniques and combinations…

Part 5 – Favorite Fighting Combinations


  • An easy way to score on your opponent is to make them think one thing,and then hit them with another. In this section you’ll learn 20 favorite fighting combinations so you’ll have plenty of techniques to confuse your opponent. These combinations are both offensive and defensive/counter attacks,so you’ll have plenty of options no matter who you’re up against.

  • How To Get In, Score and Get Out Without Getting Hit – one of the most important concept of fighting dynamics.

  • How to transform non-scoring techniques into absolute winners – by taking your existing scoreless combinations, tweaking them and then unleashing the new version that will reap havoc on your opponents.

  • The one thing that you must never do when you fight competition or in the dojo – if you do this then you’ll be on a downward spiral and never achieve long term success.

  • How to apply pressure to make your opponent falter so you can score! Again this is an overlooked yet powerful strategy that will make it simple for you to score. In fact once you master this, picking an apple from a tree will be more challenging.

  • How to take control of the fight even against higher grades! Now this is one of my favorites… to see the expression; the shock-horror on higher grades and better fighters when you start to beat them!

  • When to use which techniques for maximum scoring opportunities – there’s no use using a hammer when you need a screwdriver, or vice versa. I’ll show you which tools to use when for maximum results.

Here’s what some people have said about the course. These are all legitimate, verifiable testimonials from people just like you…

“I felt that there was something else needed to give me the edge over the higher grades at my dojos, after reading and putting into practice the basics and some of the more technical aspects, I have found that my point scoring and concept of the art of Kumite has increased by around 40%.”

– Kevin Baker
4th Kyu, Go Kan Ryu
Perth, Western Australia

“… it really works, and it works like magic because the results are very visible within few days. Even if I only use or apply few of your techniques, and guidelines, there is really a great improvement…. Also, the important thing is that you are still there to guide me on my queries which helps me to understand it better, and being able to apply the new things immediately. God Bless!”

– Noel Gonzales
1st Kyu
Hawaii, USA

“Jason… Your experience and thoughts are well versed and easy to follow. You provide much knowledge for the beginner or to the most experienced.I will be able to advantage your knowledge which otherwise may have taken some time to realize. It certainly will improve my Karate practice, competition and improve my self defence tactics. I strongly recommend this…Thank you Jason for sharing your years of experience. It certainly is powerful information when used correctly!”

– Guy Ernst

Very interesting read, very happy with the purchase, it is just what I was looking for. I would recommend it for anyone I’m never likely to spar against! First application of the techniques worked like a charm…”
– M. Brown
Melbourne, Australia

Thanks, Jason, it’s a really good course, I’m learning a lot.
I will see how much my kumite improves…”

– Eric S.
British Columbia, Canada

Are you starting to see how much information I’ve assembled for you?

Click here to order Fighting Secrets RevealedThere is an absolute wealth of information here to keep you going for years to come. In fact it’s taken me 25 years to acquire everything in this course – and in the process it’s cost me around $40,000 – when you add in karate training fees, state and national titles, 8 international tournament trips, courses, seminars, etc you can see how quickly it adds up!

But it’s not going to cost you anywhere near $40k or take you 2.5 decades to learn! In fact the price is the course is less than 1% of what it cost me to learn it and you could start applying these concepts, techniques and strategies immediately!

Once you have your hands on your copy of the Fighting Secrets Revealed Home Study Course, you’ll be able to put into action right away the same techniques, concepts, tactics and strategies that the world’s best use every time they fight.

The  1st Fighting Secrets Revealed Seminar
January 21, 2006 at my dojo in Southern California, USA.

And it’s great for instructors who want the BEST for their students…

If you are an instructor and want to be able to take your students beyond their current level, then this course makes a fantastic teaching manual.

You’ll use these ideas for years to come in class. Everyone who practices these concepts and tactics will see immediate development in their skills. You’ll raise the bar and your students will become formidable competitors…

“We have just finished yesterday hosting a big tournament and results were excellent. All Kumite divisions were won by members of my Team, you have a part in that – thank you!As head referee I watched the people fight and I saw some of the ideas I got from you sink in and helped them score.We are on our way…”

– Nir Yaeger
W.K.F Team Coach for JKS Israel
Yondan JKA

I’ve assembled all this information as electronic documents (*pdf format, mp3s and video) which you can read/watch on your mobile device, computer or tablet. If you’d rather print it off and put the course in a binder, you can do that too.

The best thing is that it’s immediately available for your download right now!

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Bonus #1– The Sneaky Strategies and Creative Concepts Seminar Audio

On July 21, 2004 I held a conference call where a bunch of lucky people phoned in and I explained the call the FIVE KEYS TO WINNING ANY FIGHT. For over 60 minutes the callers got an in depth look at how to turn their average techniques into absolute winners. They discovered how to identify breakdowns in their technique, and transform their fighting skills.

I made a recording of this call, edited it and converted it to flash format so you can listen to it from the FSR Members Only Area.

Valued at $47.00, yours FREE with the Fighting Secrets Revealed Home Study Course.

Bonus #2– The Defensive Strategies Seminar Audio

In this conference call recorded on August 5, 2006 listeners learned the 3 basic concepts for a successful defensive strategy. We then went on to explore specific examples of how to “get out of the corner”, “claiming your ground”, and “how to avoid getting hit in the last few seconds without being penalized”.

This audio recording is also available in the FSR Member’s Only Area for you to listen to and learn from.

Valued at $47.00, yours FREE with the Fighting Secrets Revealed Home Study Course.


Bonus #3 – The Fighting Secrets Revealed Seminar Video

Remember the actual FSR seminar I mentioned above? Well here’s the video of Part 4 of the seminar. This is a 40 minute video detailing many of the concepts explained in the course. You can log in to a special member’s web site to view this footage.

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Valued at $47.00, yours FREE with the Fighting Secrets Revealed Home Study Course.

Bonus #4 – The Fighting Secrets Revealed Quick Start Guide

To help you get the most out of the FSR Home Study Course, I’ve included this quick start guide. This guide will help you cut to the chase and work on the key points immediately.

Maximize just 3 or 4 of the dozen or so key points outlined in this guide and and you’re going to see huge changes in your ability very quickly.

Each point is also fully explained the course itself, but this guide gets you pointed in the right direction fast!

Valued at $19.95, yours FREE with the Fighting Secrets Revealed Home Study Course.

Bonus #5 – The Seven Mistakes New Fighters Make Podcast

In this 21 minute podcast you’ll learn the 7 mistakes new fighters make and how to eliminate them from your system, once and for all.

Some are mental mistakes that cost fighters dearly, and some are tactical errors and concepts that you can change in an instant once you know how.

I recorded this podcast in MP3 format for you so you can download and take it with you.

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Bonus #6 – Personal Sparring Analysis Q&A Support for KarateTips Subscribers

Even after reading the entire course, watching the videos and listening to all the audios, some people still have questions for their unique situation.

I’m a big believer in looking after my customers after you receive my course, so I’ve decided to include one final bonus for you…

You can ask me 3 questions you have about the course (or anything I didn’t cover in the course that might be on your mind relating to sparring) to which I’ll be happy to give you a full page detailed response for each question.

Each personal analysis included examples, diagrams and/or video if necessary to get the points across to answer any queries you might have.

Each detailed personal analysis is valued at $50 each, making a total of $150 in extra bonuses for you! Of course if you have quick questions and need clarification on something, there’s no charge for that.

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Your 60 day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

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It’s my duty to you as a fellow martial artist.

Successful fighters have a “whatever it takes” attitude that smashes them through the barriers that prevent other people from achieving their potential. They see doors where others see walls. They see opportunity where others see obstacles. I know you see opportunity staring you right in the face, right here, right now…

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You know:

  • It can transform your karate kumite skills and give you RESULTS quickly

  • It will deepen your understanding of fighting dynamics so you’ll immediately recognize how to beat any kind of fighter

  • It will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise of some of the world’s best fighters to give you the edge over your sparring partners and competition

  • Never again will you be beaten due to a lack of understanding as you’ll immediately recognize what’s wrong and have the tools to fix it

  • You’ll see huge improvements in your skills so long as you work at it

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And you know what? Those people who shoot down your dreams, and continually put out your camp fire, aren’t the ones you should be listening to! Chances are they’ve never achieved much themselves, and they certainly don’t know what it’s like to be successful… because that’s NOT a trait of successful people.

I used to fall victim to that kind of thinking, and it wasn’t until I got my head right, that I became free of limiting beliefs and achieved my highest personal goal. Successful people, successful fighters, successful business people all support their friends’ dreams. So, quit feeling guilty, and trust yourself!

Now if you don’t buy my product for whatever reason, that’s ok – just realize the lesson right here, right now. If you really want this course (and why wouldn’t you?), and $97 is standing between you and you getting what you want, I probably can’t help you anyway.

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  • The FSR Quick Start Guide (A $20 Value)

  • The 7 Mistakes New Fighters Make Podcast (A $29.95 Value)

  • Personal Sparring Analysis Q&A Support for KarateTips Subscribers (A $150 Value)

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