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“Unsure what to do when you spar?  Or maybe you’re sick of taking too many hits from guys with something to prove?

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Sensei Jason Stanley
International karate medalist,
3 x stick fighting world champion


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“There is no doubt that you are a very gifted writer, and a gifted person in general. You have the ability to go into great detail while not sounding too “academic”. That said, your writing is of the highest quality and always interesting. Your book contains so many excellent concepts and ideas that I wouldn’t know where to begin to offer praise.”

- Jim Doan
Western Karate Academy
(a.k.a Mr KarateViewpoints on Facebook)

“I felt that there was something else needed to give me the edge over the higher grades at my dojos, after reading and putting into practice the basics and some of the more technical aspects, I have found that my point scoring and concept of the art of Kumite has increased by around 40%.”

- Kevin Baker
4th Kyu,
Go Kan Ryu
Perth, Western Australia

"... it really works, and it works like magic because the results are very visible within few days. Even if I only use or apply few of your techniques, and guidelines, there is really a great improvement....

Also, the important thing is that you are still there to guide me on my queries which helps me to understand it better, and being able to apply the new things immediately. God Bless!"

- Noel Gonzales
1st Kyu
Hawaii, USA

"Jason... Your experience and thoughts are well versed and easy to follow. You provide much knowledge for the beginner or to the most experienced.

I will be able to advantage your knowledge which otherwise may have taken some time to realize. It certainly will improve my Karate practice, competition and improve my self defence tactics. I strongly recommend this...

Thank you Jason for sharing your years of experience. It certainly is powerful information when used correctly!"

- Guy Ernst

"We have just finished yesterday hosting a big tournament and results were excellent. All Kumite divisions were won by members of my Team, you have a part in that - thank you!

As head referee I watched the people fight and I saw some of the ideas I got from you sink in and helped them score.

We are on our way..."

- Nir Yaeger
W.K.F Team Coach for JKS Israel
Yondan JKA

"I'd say instead of winning 3 of 10 against the higher ranks it went up to 7 and maybe 8 out of 10. I was always trying different things that you suggested and I can honestly say that 9 out of 10 times it worked."

- Vernon Walker
Orange Belt, Kenpo Karate
Ohio, USA